FNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in Hawera
FNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in Hawera

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FNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in HaweraFNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in Hawera

Quality Statement for FNE Engineering


FNE Engineering is committed to setting a standard of excellence.  We do this by providing products and services to fully satisfy client needs and expectations.  We place emphasis on being able to perform every function to the highest quality standards that we can.

Inherent with this objective, is the way we define, develop, and apply technologies and best practices to the manufacture and installation of products and services.


Company quality objectives are defined in the company quality policy statement highlighted as follows:

  • Company wide commitments to improving the quality of performance, product and service to the mutual benefit of both client and company.
  • The company management is fully committed to the quality system, recognising that it is fundamental to the reputation, viability and future growth of the company.  This means acknowledging its responsibility to ensure personnel at all levels are provided with the necessary assistance to achieve personal excellence through, leadership, training and empowerment.