FNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in Hawera
FNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in Hawera
FNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in HaweraFNE Engineering - Engineering Specialists in Hawera

Engineering Design Services

Design plans are prepared to ensure compliance to specified requirements within the project scope.


Design plans define each identified activity and component and are structured to contain all the technical information to substantiate objective evidence of compliance to requirements.


In compliance with the project documents and scope of supply a specific quality plan will be formulated defining all identified activities.  The main activity groups which will be addressed are as follows:

  • Management organisation
  • Administration
  • Quality planning
  • Design requirements
  • Safety
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication  and construction installation processes
  • Project process procedures and instructions
  • Regulatory authority requirements
  • Inspection and Test plans
  • Quality documentation
  • Records presentation and retention
  • Client acceptance requirements
  • Sub-contractor control
  • Inspection and testing

We offer engineering and drafting specialists who employ well-developed processes to deliver the highest quality design solutions.  Specialist design capabilities include:

  • civil
  • structural
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • control
  • process control
  • HV electrical
  • SCADA.


We accept all engineering design requests.

We offer a professional quoting service for all design work.  You can be assured that expert communication is part of this service.  Any variations that arise are agreed upon before work starts ensuring no unwanted surprises or any hidden costs.


Call us today to discuss your engineering and design requirements.